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    How do I add photos to my contacts on my iPhone?

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    • Why not add photos to your contacts so you can see them when they call?

      First, you need to get a photo or picture - there's a few ways to do this:

      • Save a photo from Facebook: Open the Facebook app and find the photo you want. Once you've got it open, tap the screen to hide the status bar at the top of the screen and take a screenshot by pressing the Sleep/Wake button (on the top of your iPhone) and the Home button (on the front) at the same time.
      • Save a picture from a picture message (MMS): Tap the image in the conversation, tap Play icon, and tap 'Save Image'
      • Take a photo on your iPhone: Tap Camera Camera then aim and take your photo Take picture
      • Save a picture from the internet or an email: Touch and hold the image, then tap 'Save Image'


      Now you've saved your photo, you just need to add it to a contact.

      1. From the home screen, tap Photos Photos and find your photo (if you've only just saved it, it should be the last one)
      2. Tap Play icon, 'Assign to Contact' and choose your contact from the list
      3. Drag and pinch to pan and zoom the photo until you've got it the way you want it to look
      4. Tap 'Set Photo'

      Check out our OGuru TV video below:

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