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    What type of email attachments can I view on my BlackBerry?

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    • Included within your BlackBerry software is is a standard edition of DocsToGo. This supports viewing and limited editing of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint attachments.

      A premium edition of DocsToGo is available to buy. Instructions for this are on the device, but O2 does not support the premium features of the premium version of DocsToGo e.g. enhanced editing, tracked changes

      Popular Attachment Format Support

      Microsoft® Word

      Microsoft Excel

      Microsoft PowerPoint®

      Corel® WordPerfect®

      Adobe® PDF

      ASCII documents

      HTML attachments I

      mages: JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG and TIFF

      File types listed above archived in .zip format


      Control how much information you receive

      Request the table of contents of a document, or view the full content at once

      Optimized for wireless delivery

      Formatting and font information is preserved where possible

      Documents are compressed for quicker delivery times

      Footnotes and tracked changes can be viewed where applicable

      View images

      Pan, zoom and rotate images with image manipulation tools

      Save images to your Pictures List to store them on your device

      View embedded images within .doc and .pdf files

      End-to-end security

      If you are on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server tariff, attachments are encrypted using the same encryption you receive with email and corporate data access so you can feel confident sending and receiving documents

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