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    What should I do when one channel receives good picture but has no sound?

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    • STEP 1. Overview

      This problem could be caused by several things. Please try the following to solve it.

      • Ensure that the antenna cable and other connectors are connected properly.
      • Confirm by pressing the info button if you are viewing an Analogue or Digital TV channel.
      • Change the primary Audio Language of your channel.
      • Change the Audio Format.
      • Change the Sound Mode.
      • Retune your TV.

      STEP 2. Changing the primary Audio Language of your channel

      Some TV channels allow you to manually change the primary audio language. On Analogue, this can only be done when receiving a NICAM stereo signal. However, very few programmes come with two or more audio signals with different languages.

      To change the Audio Language, please follow the steps below.

      1. Navigate to the sound menu.
      2. On the Remote control, press Menu.
      3. Select Sound and change the Audio Language.

      STEP 3. Changing the Audio Format and the Sound Mode

      If you accidentally select an audio format which is not available on your TV, the sound will be missing (e.g. you select the 5.1 audio format).

      To change the Audio Format, press the Tools button on the remote control and change the audio format to MPEG.

      Some TV channels may use only MONO sound. If you have the default sound mode set toSTEREO, the sound may be significantly reduced or almost inaudible.

      To change the Sound Mode, press the DUAL I-II button on your remote control.

      STEP 4. Retuning the TV

      To automatically search and store all of the available channels, please follow the steps below.

      1. Navigate to the auto store option.
      2. On the remote control, press Menu > Channel > Auto Store.
      3. Ensure you select the correct signal source (Antenna) and choose Analogue, Digital or Analogue & Digital.

      IMPORTANT: Always keep your TVs firmware updated to achieve optimal performance. The latest firmware upgrade can be downloaded from the Downloads section on the Samsung UK website. You can easily get there by following the guidelines below.

      STEP 5. Firmware download and upgrade

      Click on Support on the global navigation bar at the top of the page.


      Select Enter the model number in the search product field or select TV Audio Video.


      Choose your product type, subtype and model number, and click Select.


      Under Downloads click on the Firmware link.


      NOTE: Your TV has to support firmware upgrade via USB (if your TV does not support this feature, then nothing will be available).

      To perform the firmware upgrade, please follow these steps.

      1. Upload the upgrade file to a USB flash drive.
      2. Plug the USB flash drive into the USB port on the back or the side panel of your TV.
      3. Press MENU and go to Support > Software Upgrade > By USB.

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