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    Received suspicious Email from TalkTalk

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    • Help with Phishing emails

      Phishing is a scam that uses email to try and trick you into giving out confidential information. They will often use familiar logos and look like they've come from a genuine company or person, but are actually sent by criminals who want to access your online accounts and details.


      Action Fraud have issued warnings about fake text messages and emails offering the Coronavirus vaccine in an attempt to steal personal and financial information. If you receive a message claiming to be from the NHS asking you to apply for the COVID vaccine by providing your details, this is a scam. Always check the official NHS website for the latest information about the vaccination.


      Phishing emails can be tricky to spot; which is why it is important to stay alert and report any email that looks suspicious. Here are 5 key things to look out for:

      1. Does it use your full name? 
        Phishing emails usually use terms like 'Dear Customer' as they do not have your personal details.
      2. Does it use an attention-grabbing subject header? 
        Look for phrases like "you've won!", "forward this to everyone you know!" or "this is NOT a hoax!"
      3. Does the internet address look correct?
        Phishers often use addresses that look like a proper address but have extra words, letters or symbols. 
      4. Are there spelling mistakes or does it seem badly written?
        Reputable companies wouldn't make these kind of mistakes. 
      5. Are you being asked to verify your personal or bank details?
        Remember, TalkTalk will NEVER ask you for your full password or to verify any of your details over email. 

      If you've received a phishing email you can report it directly to us. We have a guide to Report a phishing or spam email

      Recent Phishing emails

      As we become aware of current phishing scams, we will update the list below so you can see exactly what the scam email looks like. If you use our email platform, Webmail, we've added an email authentication system called DMARC. This confirms they're genuine and have been verified as they come with a padlock in the new padlock column. 

      If you've received a phishing email, please report it by following the steps in our guide Report a phishing or spam email

      Confirmation Code : TKTKB70S - 8th April2021



      Reminder: Security notice for your TalkTalk account - 24th March 2021



      Request Due on Tuesday, March 16, 2021 8:53:51 AM - 22nd March 2021



      TalkTalk account is Shutting down your email account - 16th March 2021




      Your Latest TalkTalk Bill Has Arrived - 15th March 2021



      Claim your gift Now! - 2nd March 2021





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