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  • Can I use the AC power adapter and battery charger overseas?

    • The operating voltage of the AC Adapter Kit/Compact Power Adapter/Battery Charger is 100V - 240V and conforms with international standards. Therefore, you do not need a voltage transformer when traveling abroad. When using the above products abroad, please check the shape of the power outlet of your destination and bring a matching plug converter.


      • Voltage may be unstable in some countries and regions, so please exercise caution when using the devices.
      • Do not attach any portable voltage transformer to the battery charger. Doing so can damage the battery charger.


      Use of genuine Canon accessories is recommended.
      This product is designed to achieve excellent performance when used with genuine Canon accessories. Canon shall not be liable for any damage to this product and/or accidents such as fire, etc., caused by the malfunction of non-genuine Canon accessories (e.g., a leakage and/or explosion of a battery pack). Please note that this warranty does not apply to repairs arising out of the malfunction of non-genuine Canon accessories, although you may request such repairs on a chargeable basis.

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  • Canon Telephone Support

    • You can call us at +44 (0)844 369 0100 *

      The waiting time may vary depending on:

      > the time of day you are calling 
      > the number of customers in queue 
      > the time needed to answer questions from other customers


      Our helpdesk can be reached Monday to Friday from 9:00AM to 5:00PM. During this phone call you might be asked for some additional information. We recommend having the product as well as the following data to hand:

      • exact product model name (e.g. EOS 400D) 
      • serial number of your device 
      • Operating system installed on your computer if applicable (e.g. Windows XP, Mac OS 10) 
      • Reference number of a previous contact with our helpdesk if available (so that we don’t have to capture your details again)

      You will also be asked for your email address. This may be used to send you a survey to obtain your feedback to help us constantly improve our service. If you do not wish to participate in the survey, please ignore this email. You will not be contacted further unless there is a specific requirement to do so regarding your initial enquiry.

      * The cost per call is 5p per minute using a fixed line with British Telecom. The charges can vary depending on telecom provider; please check with your telecom provider to find out the exact charges 


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