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    Editing the Movies with the Camera (EOS REBEL T3i/EOS 600D) (Editing the First and Last Scenes of a Movie)

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    • With your camera, you can edit out the first and last scenes of a movie in 1-sec. increments. You can select [Overwrite] to save and overwrite the original movie, or [New file] to save the movie as a new movie. This operation is carried on the movie playback screen.

      1. Set the power switch to .

      2. Press the <  > to display the image.

      3. Press the to select the image.

      • During the single-image display, the [  ] icon displayed on the upper left indicates that it is a movie.
      • During the index display, the perforation on the left edge of the image indicates that it is a movie. Movies cannot be played on the index display, so press the button to switch to the single-image display.

      4. On the single-image display, press the button.
      The movie playback panel will appear on the bottom.

      5. Press the to select [  ], then press the button.
      The editing screen will be displayed.

      6. Specify the parts to be edited out.

      6-1. Press the to select either [  ] (Cut beginning) or [  ] (Cut end), then press the button.

      6-2. Press the to see the previous or next frames. Holding it down will fast forward the frames.

      • After deciding which part to edit out, press the button.
      • The portion highlighted in blue on the top of the screen is what will remain.
      • Since the editing is done in 1-sec. increments (position indicated by [  ]), the exact position where the movie is edited may differ slightly from the position you specified.

      7. Check the editing.

      • Press the to select [  ], and then press the button to playback the portion highlighted in blue.
      • To change the editing, go back to step 6.
      • To cancel the editing, select [  ] and press the button.

      8. Press the to select [  ], then press the button to save the movie. The save screen will appear.
      To save it as a new movie, select [New file]. Or to save it and overwrite the original movie file, select [Overwrite]. Then press the button.


      If the card does not have enough space to save the movie, only [Overwrite] can be selected.

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