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    How do I use Picture Style? (EOS REBEL T3i/EOS 600D)

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    • What is Picture Style?

      Digital cameras record images after applying an electrical correction process for color tones, brightness, and contours to the signal output from the image sensor.
      Using Picture Style, you can set what kind of corrections you are going to make before shooting.

      Picture Style is a function that makes it easy to set the appropriate characteristics for the images being taken. The effects in the table below are provided.

      Picture StylePicture Style Effects
      AutoThe color tone will be adjusted to suit the scene. The colors will look vivid, especially for blue skies, greenery, and sunsets in nature, outdoor, and sunset scenes.(*)
      StandardThe image looks vivid, sharp, and crisp. This is a general-purpose Picture Style suitable for most scenes.
      PortraitFor nice skin tones. The image looks softer. Effective for close-ups of women or children.
      LandscapeFor vivid blues and greens, and very sharp and crisp images. Effective for impressive landscapes.
      NeutralThis is for users who prefer to process images with their personal computer. For natural colors and subdued images.
      FaithfulThis is for users who prefer to process images with their personal computer. When the subject is captured under a color temperature of 5200K, the color is adjusted colorimetrically to match the subject's color. The image is dull and subdued.
      MonochromeFor black-and-white images.
      User Def.
      You can register your own Picture Style settings for [Portrait], [Landscape], etc. Any User Defined Picture Style which has not been set will have the same settings as the Standard Picture Style.
      (*)If the desired color tone is not obtained, use another Picture Style.

      If you set the appropriate style for what you want to express before taking pictures (for example, the Portrait setting for shooting people, or the Landscape setting for shooting the sky and deep green trees), there is no need to edit images with retouching software afterwards because they will be recorded with desired characteristics.
      It also prevents the image degradation that occurs when resaving image files with retouching software.


      In Basic Zone modes, you cannot select the Picture Style.


      Black-and-white images shot in JPEG cannot be reverted to color. If you want to later shoot pictures in color, make sure the [Monochrome] setting has been canceled. When [Monochrome] is selected, will appear in the viewfinder.

      When developing RAW images, you can adjust them by using the Digital Photo Professional software supplied with your camera so that the Picture Style setting used when shooting is reflected in the image.

      Setting the Picture Style

      To set the Picture Style, follow the steps below.

      1. Flip out the LCD monitor, and then set the power switch to . For the details about how to open the LCD monitor, see How to use the vari-angle LCD monitor of the EOS REBEL T3i/EOS 600D.

      2. When the camera is ready to shoot, press the <  > button to display the [Picture Style] screen.

      3. Press the to select the desired style, then press the button.

      This completes the Picture Style setting.

      For more information on adjusting Picture Styles and registering Picture Styles, please refer to the Related information section.

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