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    ISO 100 and ISO 12800 cannot be set (EOS REBEL T3i/EOS 600D)

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    • If you set [C.Fn II -6: Highlight tone priority] to [1:Enable] on your camera, the settable ISO range will be limited to ISO 200-6400, so ISO 100 or ISO 12800 cannot be selected. 
      The [D+] icon will be displayed on the LCD panel and in the viewfinder when highlight tone priority is enabled.

      If you wish to make the ISO 100 or ISO 12800 setting (ISO expansion), change the setting as follows.

      Select [Disable] to change the [C.Fn II -6: Highlight tone priority] setting

      1. Set the power switch to .

      2. Press the

      button to display the menu.

      3. Press the to select [Custom Functions(C.Fn)] under the [  ] tab, then press the button.

      4. Press the to select Custom Function No.6 [Highlight tone priority], then press the button.

      5. Select [0: Disable], and then press the button.

      6. Press the shutter button halfway, and the camera will be ready for shooting. Confirm that [D+], which indicates Highlight tone priority, is not displayed on the LCD monitor and in the viewfinder.


      About Highlight tone priority
      • If [1:Enable] is set, highlight detail will be improved. The dynamic range is expanded from the standard 18% gray to bright highlights. The gradation between the grays and highlights becomes smoother.
      • With setting [1:Enable], noise may become slightly more pronounced than usual.

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