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    Setting up the All-in-One (Hardware)

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    • Introduction
      This document explains how to set up the physical parts of the product. Complete these steps before you install the product software on your computer. If you already set up the product hardware, and need software installation help, see Links to Software Installation Instructions at the end of this document.
      This document includes the following steps to set up the product:
      • Unpack the All-in-One
      • Check the contents of the box
      • Connect the power cord and adapter
      • Turn on power
      • Select the language/region
      • Install the cartridges
      • Load plain paper
      • Align the cartridges
      Setting up the All-in-One
      Follow these steps in order. When you are finished, you can click the appropriate link at the end of this document if you need instructions to install the product software.
      CAUTION:Do NOT connect a USB cable now. If you plan to use a USB cable to connect the product to the computer, you will be prompted to connect it at the correct time during software installation.
      Step one: Unpack the All-in-One
      1. Lower both the paper tray and the cartridge door.
        Figure 1: Lower the paper tray
      2. Remove all packing material and protective film from the product.
        Figure 2: Remove the packing material
      3. Close the cartridge door.
        Figure 3: Close cartridge door
      Step two: Check the contents of the box
      The contents might vary by country/region. See the packaging for a list of items shipped in the box.
      Step three: Connect the power cord and adapter
      NOTE:Do not connect the USB cable.
      1. Connect the power adapter to the back of the product.
      2. Connect the power cord to the power adapter.
      3. Connect the other end of the power cord to an alternating current (AC) power outlet.
      Figure 4: Connect the power cord and adapter
      Step four: Turn on power
      Press the Power button ( ) to turn on the product.
      Figure 5: Press Power
      Step five: Select the language/region
      Follow the instructions on the control panel display to set the default language and country/region for the product.
      1. Press the colored buttons to the left of the display to select the up arrow ( ) or down arrow ( ) icons on the display until your language is selected.
      2. Press OK to confirm.
      3. Press the colored buttons to the left of the display to select the up arrow ( ) or down arrow ( ) icons on the display until your country/region is selected.
      4. Press OK to confirm.
      Step six: Install the cartridges
      Leave the product turned on and follow these steps to install the cartridges.
      1. Open the cartridge door. Make sure the carriage moves to the center. If it does not move to the center, turn the product off, and then turn it back on again.
        Figure 6: Open the cartridge door
      2. Remove the cartridges from their packaging, and then remove the pink protective tape from both cartridges.
        CAUTION:Do not touch the copper-colored contacts or re-tape the cartridges.
        Figure 7: Remove the pink tape
        Figure 8: Do not touch contacts
      3. Hold the cartridges with the label on top.
        Figure 9: label on top
      4. Insert the tri-color cartridge into the left carriage slot and insert the black cartridge into the right carriage slot.
        Figure 10: Tri-color cartridge in the left slot
      5. Press the cartridges firmly into the carriage until they snap into place.
        Figure 11: Insert cartridges until they snap into place
      6. Close the cartridge door.
        Figure 12: Close cartridge door
      7. Press OK to confirm the installation of genuine HP cartridges, when prompted.
      Step seven: Load plain paper
      1. Pull out the tray extender, and then flip open the paper catch.
        Figure 13: Pull out tray extender
      2. Load paper in the input tray with the short edge forward and the print side down. Slide the stack forward until it stops.
        Figure 14: Load paper
        NOTE:Make sure all the paper in the stack is the same size and type and free from rips, dust, wrinkles, and curled or bent edges.
      3. Slide the paper-width guide inward until it stops at the edge of the paper.
      4. Press OK .
      Step eight: Align the cartridges
      When you install a new cartridge, the product aligns the cartridges. You can also align the cartridges at any time using the product software. Aligning the cartridges helps produce high quality output.
      1. Follow the instructions on the control panel display to print the alignment page.
        Figure 15: Alignment page prints
      2. Lift the lid.
      3. Load the alignment page face down in the front right corner of the glass.
        Figure 16: Load alignment page
      4. Close the lid, and then press OK to complete the alignment.
      Links to software installation instructions
      After you complete the previous setup steps, you can install the product software with the product CD or by downloading the software from the HP Web site. For instructions, click the link for your computer operating system.
      CAUTION:For USB connections, do NOT connect the USB cable yet. You will be prompted to connect it at the correct time during software installation.

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