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    Wireless Printer Installation Troubleshooting

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    • Step one: Print a test page

      If you have problems setting up your printer, the first thing to do is print a Network Configuration page and Wireless Network Test report (if the printer has a wireless network connection) from the printer control panel. Consult your manual for instructions.

      This information will allow you to troubleshoot the installation. Also, have your wireless router's network name (SSID) and, if your wireless network uses either WEP or WPA security, the wireless password.

      Step two: Determine if your printer is connected to your wireless router

      Refer to the Network Configuration page or Wireless Network Test report and check the following:

      • Does the Wireless Network Test report indicate trouble? Follow the recommendations on the report to resolve them.

      • Do the reports indicate that the printer is connected to your wireless router, and not to a neighbor's? The network name the printer is connected to will be shown on the both the Network Configuration page and Wireless Network Test report.

      • Compare the printer's IP address to the gateway IP address. They should have a similar format (for example, the gateway IP address might be and the printer IP address If the printer has an IP address similar to 169.254.XXX.XXX or, it probably is not connected to your wireless network.

      • If you're using a wireless connection, see if the wireless indicator lamp is illuminated.Also, the Wireless Network Test report will indicate if the printer's wireless radio is off. Can you turn on the wireless radio from the control panel of the printer (if the radio is off)? Are there any error messages on the printer or unexpected blinking lights. Consult your manual to determine what to expect.

      • On some printers, the Network Configuration page will list all wireless networks detected in your area. Is your network listed among those found? Does it have good signal strength?

      • Are there several networks on your same channel or using channels close to your channel? You should use a channel at least 5 channels away from the closest used channel. Consider changing your wireless router's channel. We recommend 1 or 11.

        • If your printer is connected to your wireless router, continue to the next step.

        • If your printer is not connected to your wireless router, follow these steps:

          • Look for firmware updates for your specific printer on HP's web site: Get Software and Drivers

          • If your Internet Service Provider (ISP) owns your router, unplug the Internet cable that runs between the router and the wall.

            1. Cycle power to your printer: turn the printer off using the on/off button. Remove the power cord from the back of the printer, wait 30 seconds and then reconnect the cord. Consult your manual for specifics.

            2. Restart the wireless router by removing the power cord to the router, waiting 30 seconds, then reconnecting the power cord.

            3. Restart your computer.

            4. Connect the printer to the router.

            5. Give your printer a static IP address. For instructions on assigning a static IP address, see the DISCOVER MORE section on this page, and go to HP's Wireless Printing Center.

      Step three: If your printer is connected to your wireless router, but you cannot print (and/or scan)

      1. Download and run HP's Network Diagnostic Utility. See the TROUBLSHOOTING TOOLSsection on this page for a link to the utility.

      2. Make sure your operating system is current. (In Windows, use Windows Update. For Mac OS, use Software Update.)

      3. Make sure that your computer is free from viruses, malware, etc.

      4. Make sure your computer is not connected through a VPN (Virtual Private Network). You cannot access devices on your wireless network while connected to a VPN.

      5. Disable your operating system's firewall and your security system's firewall and re-test. 
        If this fixes the problem, open ports in the firewall. See the firewall manufacturer for more information.

      6. Download and install the latest software for your specific printer and operating system from Get Software and Drivers
        It is important that you download the software specific to your HP printer model. The software shipped on your CD may have been updated since it was created. If you are reinstalling or uninstalling, use the HP Uninstall software to remove previous software installations or partial installations first.

      7. Look for software updates for your specific software while you are the Software and Driver web site.

      If the printer installed successfully, but the printer isn't working as expected, we have a solution for you. HP has designed automated utilities (tools) to diagnose and resolve common printing, network, and scanning issues. Select from the following options to download and run the utility for your printer problem.


      HP Network Diagnostic Utility. If you are unable to set your HP product up over your wired (Ethernet) or wireless network, try the HP Network Diagnostic Utility. It can help identify and fix common problems when installing or using HP printers on your home network.

      Download the Network Diagnostic Utility


      HP Scan Diagnostic Utility. HP recommends that you download and install the Scan Diagnostic Utility any time you need to troubleshoot a scanning problem.

      Download the Scan Diagnostic Utility


      HP Hardware Diagnostic Utility. Hardware problems can prevent printing, scanning, or copying. HP recommends that you download and install the Hardware Diagnostic Utility any time you need to troubleshoot a hardware problem.

      Download the Hardware Diagnostic Utility


      HP Print Diagnostic Utility.HP recommends that you download and install the Print Diagnostic Utility any time you need to troubleshoot a printing problem.

       Download the Print Diagnostic Utility

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