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    How to find a local store?

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    • Please do following steps:

      1. 1. Select your country to start the search for a local store. 
         Hong Kong 
         New Zealand 
         South Africa 
         United Kingdom 
         United States 
      2. 2. Select the product group you are looking for and enter your city or postcode. Then click on Search.

      3. 3. On the left side you will see a list of all stores in your area. They are sorted by the distance to your entered postcode or city. 
         is the nearest store. 
        Right beside the list you will find a map where all stores are marked with their letter. 

      4. 4. You can click on a store on the left side or on one of the letters in the map to see some details of the selected store. An overview appears – it shows the address, phone number, email address (optional) and which product groups are sold by this store. 

      Tip: Call the store before you visit to check they have what you want.

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