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  • Software update for PAL 2010 Viera TV's

    • Some customers may experience the following phenomenons with their 2010 viera TV.

      1.    Iplayer Cutting out during playback.
      2.    EPG Guide not populating correctly.
      3.    A Freesat HD error message.
      4.    Incorrect channels being displayed when setting a timer program.

      These problems have been identified and cured by way of a software update. Please download the software for your model type.

      You will need to load the software onto an SD card to update the set Instructions on how to do this can be found here  

      The software update links are below (Please note the different software for VT20B models, Please ensure to select the correct screen size)

      Plasma Models:-

      Version 1.020 - C2B / C2L / S20B / U20B / X20L / X20B
      Version 2.509 - V20L / VT20L

      Version 2.705 - G20B / G20BA / S20B / S20BA / S21B / S21BA / V20B / V20BA / 50/65VT20B

      Version 2.805  - 42/46VT20B / VT20BA

      LCD Models

      Version 1.020 - C20B / C20BA / C20L / C20LA / C2B / C2BA / D28BP / D28BW / LRG20B / S20L / U2B / U2L / X20L

      Version 2.509 - D25L 

      Version 2.705 - D25B / D25BA / D26B / D26BA / D28BP / D28BS / D28BSA / D28BW / D28BWA / G20B / G20BA / S20B / S20BA / V20B / S21B 

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  • How do I get the latest software for my GT30 ,VT30, G30, ST30?

    • The latest software available for the 2011 Plasma models can be downloaded from the following links.

      To provide some clarity; updates for this set initially were released in Spain to correct local tuner reception issues. This change of software did also have an effect on the black levels in certain content and viewing mode combinations that was different from the original software.

      This software is intended for customers who wish to have the same software as the latest production sets.

      Version 1.213 for GT30B / G30B / ST30B - Download

      Version 1.520 for VT30B - Download

      Please note this software is for UK Models only.

      Please also note that this software will change the way in which the set performs. Our advice is that if you are happy with the current performance of your television, that there is no need to update the software.

      You are unable to revert back to the previous software once the set is updated.

      Instructions on how to update the set can be found on our global support site here.

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  • Can I upgrade the TV software using the PCMCIA card?

    • The Common Interface (CI) slot on the TV is for the Conditional Access Module (CAM) provided by service operators to 
      decode pay TV services/channels only and it does not support software update.

      If you have any queries concerning the TV, please contact the Philips Consumer Care centre for further assistance or to find more information related to this issue. You can find the contact details on the Consumer Support page. 

      Make sure you have the model number and the product number at hand when you call us. You find these numbers on the sticker at the back of your device.

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