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    Updates in Android 3.1

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    • What is new in Android 3.1?

      The update from Android version 3.0 to version 3.1 brings a number of new fixes and advantages to the tablet software. The most noteworthy are:

      • Updated User Interface
        The user interface is smoother and faster, and further optimised for readability. Touching the home button, you return to the last used home screen, rather than the default one.
      • Improved support for USB devices
        Support has been added for more USB devices such as USB keyboards and mouse devices, and digital cameras.
      • Improved home screen widgets
        The home screen widget can be resized to allow a further degree of customisation of your tablet.
      • Updated applications
        Several built-in applications have been updated, such as the internet browser, the calendar and the photo gallery.
      • Support for a HTTP proxy for each wireless connection
        Android 3.1 adds the possibility to assign a proxy server for each wireless connection, allowing easier use of Android tablet in an enterprise network.

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