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  • Moving applications to the SD card

    • How do I free up memory on my Android device?

      You can free up space on the internal storage memory of an Android smartphone or tablet, by moving applications from the internal memory to the micro-SD card:

      1. Open the Applications tab and tap Settings.
      2. Tap Applications, and next tap Manage applications.
      3. Tap the application to move, and then tap Move to SD card.


      You can move only applications you downloaded and installed yourself. Preinstalled applications cannot be moved.

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  • Using an USB Flash Drive with Android 3.x

    • How can I see the contents of the USB flash drive on my Android Tablet?


      On Android tablets, when you insert an USB Flash Drive or SD Card, you do not receive any prompt to view and use contents, or a notification that the drive is detected.


      To access the content of the drive, start the application first, and open the files in the USB flash drive from within the application. For example, you can use the Photo Gallery application to open images stored on the key.

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  • Updates in Android 3.1

    • What is new in Android 3.1?

      The update from Android version 3.0 to version 3.1 brings a number of new fixes and advantages to the tablet software. The most noteworthy are:

      • Updated User Interface
        The user interface is smoother and faster, and further optimised for readability. Touching the home button, you return to the last used home screen, rather than the default one.
      • Improved support for USB devices
        Support has been added for more USB devices such as USB keyboards and mouse devices, and digital cameras.
      • Improved home screen widgets
        The home screen widget can be resized to allow a further degree of customisation of your tablet.
      • Updated applications
        Several built-in applications have been updated, such as the internet browser, the calendar and the photo gallery.
      • Support for a HTTP proxy for each wireless connection
        Android 3.1 adds the possibility to assign a proxy server for each wireless connection, allowing easier use of Android tablet in an enterprise network.

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  • Support for Windows Media files for Android tablets

  • Updates in Android 3.2

    • What's new in Android 3.2?

      The update from Android version 3.1 to version 3.2 brings a number of new fixes and advantages to the tablet software. The most noteworthy are:

      • Compatibility zoom
        Many applications in the Android Market are designed for a specific screen resolution, typically those of a smartphone, so that use on the larger screen of your tablet can be awkward. The new compatibility zoom makes the application fit and work on any size and type of screen. A menu icon in the system bar shows for applications that need this compatibility support.
      • Media Sync from SD card
        Applications that use media files can now directly access these files from a SD card. This means that you can put the media files on the SD card, and the system will automatically make those files accessible in applications.

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  • How to determine the version of Android

    • Which version of Android do I have on my phone or tablet?

      Use the following steps to to determine the operating system currently installed on your Android smartphone or tablet:

      1. Open the Applications tab and tap Settings.
      2. Tap About Phone, or About Tablet. The version number is listed under Android version.


      On the same screen as the Android Version, also the Build number is listed, which is the version number of your operating system. When you want to download the latest Android version from the Acer support site, please check that your Build number matches the number in the Version column on the Acer download webpage.

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  • Setting the keyboard layout in Android

    • How can I change the keyboard layout for a Bluetooth keyboard in Android 3.x?

      When the keyboard layout used by Android does not match your external Bluetooth keyboard, you may have problems typing special characters such as ñ, ç or ß. To fix this, change the keyboard layout in Android:

      1. Open the Applications tab and tap Settings.
      2. Tap Language & keyboard.
      3. Select Current input method.
      4. Select the XT9 keyboard layout for your language, for example German (XT9 Text Input).

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  • How can I connect to a mobile hotspot with my Android tablet?

  • Copying files from USB storage and micro-SD card to the tablet

  • Android tablet firmware update

    • How can I update Android on my Iconia Tab?

      Keeping the Android Operating System up-to-date ensures you with all the latest improvement and fixes for your Iconia Tab. By default, the tablet will automatically detect available updates to install. This article describes how to perform the updates.


      Updating the Iconia Tab:

      1. When a pop-up window notifies for a new firmware, tap Firmware upgrade.
      2. Tap Download Now and next OK to start the download via the existing data connection.
      3. The download progress will be shown. Once the download completes, tap Install Now to start the automatic installation.
      4. The tablet will restart to complete the update and a window will inform if the process was successful. Tap OK to close the window.

      In case you do not receive a pop-up but want to check for available updates, use the following steps:

      1. On the top-right of the screen, tap Apps.
      2. Scroll left to the second screen and, then, tap the Settings icon.
      3. On the bottom-left of the screen, click the About tablet option.
      4. Tap System update and, then, Check now.
      5. The system will check for available updates. If any is available, then the installation will follow the same steps as above.

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