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    iPad: Connecting to the Internet

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      To connect to the Internet, use any application that accesses the Internet.

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      When you use any Internet-enabled application, iPad does the following, in order, until connected:

      1. Attempt to connect using the last Wi-Fi network you used that's available.
      2. If no Wi-Fi network you've used is available, iPad shows a list of Wi-Fi networks in range. Tap a network and if necessary, enter the password to join. Networks that require a password show Lock next to them.
      3. If no Wi-Fi networks are available or if you choose not to join one, iPad connects over the cellular data network*.


      • Wi-Fi is often faster than a cellular data network. Wi-Fi networks, however, cover limited areas. iPad can join AirPort and other Wi-Fi networks at home, at work, or at Wi-Fi hotspots around the world. When iPad is connected to a Wi-Fi network, the Wi-Fi icon Wi-Fi symbol in the status bar at the top of the screen shows the connection strength. The more bars you see, the better the connection.
      • To see all the Wi-Fi networks in range: From the Home screen, choose Settings > Wi-Fi. Tap a network to join it.
      • Many Wi-Fi networks can be used free of charge, and some require a fee. For Wi-Fi networks requiring a fee, in most cases you can open Safari to see a webpage that will allow you to sign up for service.

      For information on configuring Wi-Fi settings, see the Wi-Fi section of the iPad User's Guide.

      Cellular data networks*

      • Cellular data networks allow Internet connectivity over the cellular network. Check your carrier's network coverage in your area for availability.
      • You can tell that iPad is connected to the Internet over a cellular data network if you see 3G symbolEdge symbol, or Cellular symbol in the status bar at the top of the screen.
      • If you're outside your carrier's network, you may be able to use a cellular data network from another carrier. Roaming charges may apply.

      Additional Information

      * Cellular data requires iPad Wi-Fi + 3G and an activated cellular data plan.

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