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    Asus Repair Information

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    •  Make a move before calling

      1 Self-diagnosis

      To save your time in online discussion and repair, we recommend use the below self-diagnosis tools and recovery resources to fix your problem first.

      2 Other Online Resource

      Software Checking | FAQ & Troubleshooting | Search Engine | Forum

       Before apply for repair

      1 Check Warranty Card

      Check your warranty card content to confirm the warranty term and warranty period. (If you do not have them beside you, we will use the ASUS product’s original shipping date as your purchase date).

      2 Check the Asus Service Center

      Check the Asus service center to find the closest service site near you. Call the service site Tel. No. for obtaining details of site address and name of site technician.

      3 Backup Data

      Please backup your data to an external device or media (i.e. flash drive, SD card) before sending your product for service or before performing any troubleshooting procedure. (ASUS is not liable for any data loss incurred during the service).ASUS is solely responsible for service and examination. We apologize for not providing any forms of data recovery or back-up solution in the process of servicing.

      4 Write Down Service and RMA Number

      Please write down your Service and RMA number (Acquisition Method: Contact us /Repair Center provide it) Please provide your Service/ RMA No for any inquiry.

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