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    Eee Pad Transformer TF101 - System Recovery on Eee PC products

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      • Using the Recovery Partition preinstalled and hidden to easily restore the system 
      • About the Recovery Partition: 

      The Recovery Partition is a space reserved on your hard disk drive used to restore the operating system, drivers and utilities installed on your Eee PC. 
      (Before using the F9 recovery, please ensure to connect your Eee PC to the AC adapter to avoid recovery failure.)

      Step 1: Press repeatedly during boot up to open the screen for “Windows Boot Manager” and select “Windows Setup” to enter the interface of Recovery System. 
      (Please be noticed a single press of the button will not always be recognized.)

      Step 2: Please click the “Recovery” button to start the system recovery. 

      Step 3: Please click the “Recovery” button to start the system recovery. 

      Using the Support DVD to restore system recovery.
      • About the Support DVD:
      The Support DVD includes an image of the operating system, installed on your system at the factory. The Support DVD provides a comprehensive recovery solution that quickly restores your system to its original working state, provided that your system drive is in good working order. Before using the Support DVD, copy your data files to floppy disks or to a network drive and make a note of any customized configuration settings (such as network settings).
      1. Step 1: Generally, you need to disable the Boot Booster function in the BIOS settings.
        About the Boot Booster
        The Boot Booster function in BIOS setup helps shorten your Eee PC boot-up time. However, you MUST disable this BIOS item before you change any Eee PC components or perform system recovery from the external optical drive. 
      2. Step 1.1: Start the Eee PC and press "F2" repeatedly during boot-up to show the POST screen to enter the BIOS setup.
      3. Step 1.2: Move cursor to choose "Boot" and disable the "Boot Booster".

      4. Step 1.3: Press "F10" to save your changes and exit.

      5. Step 2: Connect an external optical drive to your Eee PC and insert the Support DVD into the optical drive
        (System needs to be powered ON).
      6. Step 3: Press on boot-up and the “Please select boot device” screen appears. Select USB:XXXXXX (may be labeled as the ODD brand name) to boot from the optical drive.

      7. Step 4 : Press any key to boot from the optical drive.

      8. Step 5: After the Asus Recovery CD/DVD window appears, please select where to install a new system:
      9. Step 5.1:Recover system to a partition
        This option will delete only the partition you select from below, allowing you to keep other partitions. Please select a partition and click NEXT.
      10. Step 5.2:Recover system to entire HD
        This option will delete all partitions from your hard disk drive and restore the pure OS. Please select and click YES. 
        (If you select Recover system to entire HD, the entire hard disk drive will be a partition with the pure OS and the F9 recovery function will no longer exist. Therefore, we highly recommend that you use the F9 recovery to restore the system.)

      11. Step 6: Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the recovery process.
        (You will lose all your data during the system recovery. Ensure that you back up your important data before recovering your system.)

      12. Step 7: After the system recovery is completed, eject the Support DVD from the optical drive and click OK to restart the Eee PC.

      13. Step 8: Setup your language, time zone, keyboard, computer name, and user name to enter the Windows® OS.

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