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    Do I have to pay for an engineer’s visit?

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    • Most faults are resolved for free, but you may be charged £130 for an engineer callout if:

      • the fault is within the boundary of your property
      • the fault is with your own equipment
      • you've damaged part of the BT network
      • no fault is found when the engineer visits
      • you've asked for work such as an extension socket or shift of socket

      The charge of £130 includes the engineer driving to your home, all the time fixing the fault and any replacement equipment used.

      Engineer charges for faults outside your home

      Most chargeable engineer visits are caused by faults inside your home but you could also be charged for faults within the boundary of your home.

      Home boundry

      Some chargeable faults we see outside of your home are:

      • Damp
      • Guttering falling down
      • Tree damage
      • Flood/Fire damage
      • Telephone wires accidently cut
      • Removal vans accidentally removing the phone line
    • Engineer charges for faults inside your home

      It's much more common that charges apply when a fault is within your home. The picture below shows a range of devices and wiring that could lead to your phone line not working.

      Home setup

      You could be charged for an engineer visit if your main or master socket, extension wires or wires leading up to the main socket are faulty. It’s essential that they are looked after by keeping them kept dry and undamaged.

      Troubleshoot phone faults yourself Troubleshoot phone faults yourself

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