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    I think I've been charged twice for a service

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    • When you change your telephone calling plan, calling feature, a broadband or BT Vision package (like changing from a Silver Value Pack to a Gold Value Pack) you may get a bill that's confusing or looks like you've been charged twice.

      Don't worry, you won't be charged twice. But because BT charges in advance for our services, you'll see charges for both your old and new services on the bill - even though your old service has been cancelled. You'll be refunded what you paid in advance for your old service on the same bill that shows the advance charges for your new service.

      This can also happen when BT renames or reprices our products and services. When name changes occur, it is common to see that you've been refunded for the old product name and then charged the same price for the new product name.

      There may be other reasons why you think you have been charged twice, please use the links below for further information:


      Example of a bill after a package or plan has been changed

      1st MayMr. Smith is on the Unlimited Evening and Weekend Plan and is charged in advance for his service. This is shown on the bill he gets every three months.
      Mr. Smith's bill is issued on 1st May and will show the standard advance charges from 1st May to the 31st July, as shown below.

      Standard charges on bill

      23rd MayOn the May 23rd Mr. Smith calls BT to change from the Unlimited Evening and Weekend Plan to the Unlimited Anytime Plan. Because he's already been charged for the Unlimited Evening and Weekend Plan on the bill from the 1st May, the changes he's made will be shown on his next bill.

      1st AugustWhen Mr. Smith's next bill is produced on 1st August, he can see the changes to his rental charges. You can see from the highlighted area on the bill pictured below that Mr. Smith has been refunded the charges he's paid in advance for his old Unlimited Evening and Weekend Plan.

      This refund is from the time Mr. Smith changed the package (23rd May) until the end of the previous billing period (31st July). The refunded amount shows as -£35.63.

      Refund of charges

      On the same bill, Mr. Smith is charged for that same period of time for his new Unlimited Anytime Plan - highlighted below.

      Charge for new package

      Mr. Smith is also charged the standard advance charges for his new Unlimited Anytime Plan for the period of the new bill (1st August to the 31st October) - shown below the highlighted area in the picture above.

      Note: charges used in the above images are for demonstration purposes only and do not reflect actual prices.

      Charged for free Caller Display or BT Privacy

      The Caller Display service is only free as part of BT Privacy, if you make two chargeable calls each month. Click on the link below for more information:

      BT Privacy BT Privacy

      Charged for equipment you no longer have

      If you're being charged for equipment (such as a rented phone or bell), which you no longer have, please contact us using the link below.

      Contact Us Contact Us

      Line Rental Saver

      If you've taken up the Line Rental Saver Offer, your next bill will be adjusted to include the payment you have made. If you pay your bill by Monthly Payment Plan, your monthly payment may also be adjusted.

      I've checked all of the above, and still think I've been charged twice

      Unfortunately mistakes can sometimes happen. Where the mistake is a genuine error on our part we'll do our best to rectify the mistake quickly. If you believe you have been charged for a product or service more than once, please contact us using the link below:

      Contact Us Contact Us

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