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    What is Choose to Refuse?

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    • Choose to Refuse lets you put a stop to nuisance or unwanted calls by stopping them from getting through to you. You can block up to ten numbers. Please note that some numbers are excluded from this service.

      How do I block numbers from calling me with Choose to Refuse?

      To bar the last call you answered with Choose to Refuse:

      Dial 14258 and press the star key (*) on your telephone keypad twice at the voice prompt.The number you’ve barred will no longer be able to get through.

      To bar other numbers at any time with Choose to Refuse:

      Dial 14258 and enter your PIN. Choose to Refuse will give you a choice of the following options:

      • Adding a number to your list - Make sure you include the area STD code before UK numbers, and press the hash key (#) at the end of the number to tell Choose to Refuse that it is the end of the number.
      • Reviewing your barred numbers list - You can check your list at any time. Choose to Refuse will tell you the number and the date that it was barred. You should also choose this option if you want to delete a number from your list.
      • Changing your PIN number - PINs in sequences such as 5678 and 2222 and PINs that use numbers in obvious patterns on your dialing keypad (such as 2580) are not allowed.

      Are there any restrictions on the Choose to Refuse service?

      Yes. Some calls from international destinations can not be barred as we do not always receive the number from the overseas network that the call originated from. Also, some business customers use a 0800 number on their outgoing calls for possible use on Caller Display rather than the network number from the lines where the call originated. Choose to Refuse does not bar the 0800 number itself but uses the underlying network number.

      Anonymous Call Rejection

      Allows the automatic rejection of all calls where the caller has actively withheld their number. (This will not reject calls where the caller cannot send a calling line identity, for instance calls from international numbers).

      You can manage these calling features online via BT Broadband Talk Self Care under the Incoming Calls section. You will need your BT Broadband Talk phone number and password to log in.

      PDF logo Calling Features user guide (PDF doc, 163 KB)

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