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    Blackberry Playbook - Troubleshooting: BlackBerry Bridge

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    • Troubleshooting: BlackBerry Bridge

      IssuePossible cause or solution

      I can't pair my BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet with my BlackBerrysmartphone

      Verify that the BlackBerry® Bridge™ app is installed on your smartphone. You can download the application from the BlackBerry App World™storefront.

      Verify that the Bluetooth® connection on your smartphone is turned on and that your smartphone is within range.

      I can't reconnect to my BlackBerrysmartphone

      Verify that the Bluetooth connection on your smartphone is turned on and that your smartphone is within range.

      The BlackBerry Bridge app on your smartphone might not be set to automatically connect to your tablet. Try opening BlackBerry Bridge and connecting manually.

      Your smartphone might already be connected to another tablet. In theBlackBerry Bridge app on your smartphone, disconnect the other tablet and then try connecting again.

      The Bridge Browser icon is dimmed or missing

      Verify that your tablet is connected to the BlackBerry Bridge app.

      You might need a smartphone data plan that supports tethering, or this feature might not be supported by your wireless service provider. For more information, contact your wireless service provider.

      I can't find a draft message I saved

      When you save a draft message, the message appears in your message inbox with a draft icon. If you have multiple email addresses, look for the draft message in the inbox of the address you are sending the message from. If you received a lot of email since you saved the draft, it might appear far down in the inbox.

      I can't find a memo I'm searching for

      You can search only the titles of memos, not the contents.

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