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    Unable to display the BlackBerry ID Agreement.

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    • During the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet setup, a prompt is displayed to select a country for the BlackBerry® ID agreement. When a country is selected, the following error is displayed:

      Unable to display the BlackBerry ID Agreement.  Please select your country and language, then try again.

      • BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet
      • Wi-Fi® network

      Depending on the type of Wi-Fi® network the BlackBerry PlayBook is configured to connect to, there may be multiple causes for this issue. See the resolution section.


      Cause 1

      If attempting to connect the BlackBerry PlayBook to a Wi-Fi Hotspot, the username and password must be entered to obtain Internet connectivity.

      Resolution 1

      When the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet has successfully connected to a Wi-Fi HotSpot, the followingHotspot Setup button appears at the bottom left:

      Click on the Hotspot Setup button, and this will open a window to enter the username and password.

      Cause 2

      If attempting to connect the BlackBerry PlayBook to an enterprise Wi-Fi environment, the connection may use a Proxy to access the Internet.

      Resolution 2

      Verify that the Proxy information has been entered correctly in the Wi-Fi setup on the BlackBerry PlayBook.

      1. On the Connect to Wi-Fi screen, Click Manually Connect to Network.
      2. Select the Security Type and settings for the enterprise Wi-Fi network
      3. Ensure Use HTTP Proxy is checked
      4. Enter the correct Proxy information (Proxy Server, Proxy Port, Username, and Password).

      For additional information on Wi-Fi setup, please refer to the following:

      KB26228 - Getting started with BlackBerry PlayBook tablet initial setup

      KB26096 - Troubleshooting Wi-Fi and networking on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet

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