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    Precautions for memory cards

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    • Please refer to the precautions below when using memory cards.

      1. Precautions while operating the camera 
      While the camera's access lamp is on or flashing, the camera is saving, loading, or erasing the data on the memory card.
      Never do any of the following to avoid damaging the image data.

      • Subject the camera to strong impacts or shocks
      • Turn the camera's power switch to .
      • Open the battery cover, or the memory card slot cover.

      2. Precautions in formatting and editing a memory card 
      If you use the memory card formatted or edited on the computer/other manufacturers' digital cameras, it may not operate correctly.


      Formatting the card will erase everything in the card. Even protected images will be erased, so make sure there is nothing you need to keep. If necessary, transfer the images to a personal computer before formatting the card.
      Please refer to the Instruction Manual that came with your camera when formatting the card.

      3. Handling Precautions 

      • Memory cards are precision devices. Do not drop the memory card or subject it to vibration. Physical shock or vibration may destroy the images recorded on the card.
      • Do not spill any liquids on the memory card.
      • Do not bend the card or subject it to any excessive force or physical shock.
      • Do not touch the contact of a memory card with your fingers or any metal objects.
      • Do not store or use a memory card near anything having a strong magnetic field such as a TV set, speakers, magnets, or in places prone to having static electricity. Such environments may destroy the images recorded on the card.
      • Do not leave memory cards in direct sunlight or near a heat source. Heat can deform the cards and render them unusable.
      • To protect the recorded image data, always store the memory card in a case.
      • Do not store memory cards in hot, dusty, or humid locations.

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