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    Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi - Android Market

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    • Open Android Market

      Touch the Market icon in the Launcher or on the Home screen.
      When you open Android Market for the first time, you must read and accept the
      terms of service to continue.

      Get help with Android Market

      The Android Market Help webpages are available from the Android Market screen.

      1.    Touch the Menu icon at the top right corner and touch Help.

      Browse for applications

      You can browse applications by category and sort them in different ways.

      1. On the Android Market home page, touch a top-level category, such as APPS or
      2. Scroll to view subcategories and touch the one you want to explore.
      3. Touch Top paid, Top free, or Just in to further sort the subcategory.

      Open a screen with details about an application

      • At any time while browsing Android Market, touch an application to open a screen
        with details about it.
        Application details screens include a description, ratings, and related information
        about the application. The Comments tab includes comments from people who
        have tried the application. You can download and install the application from this

      Search for applications

      1. Touch the Search icon at the top right of the screen or press Search button
      2. Enter what you want to search for and press Search again.
        Enter all or part of an application’s name or description, or the developer’s name
        you want to search for.
      3. Touch a search result to open that application’s details screen.
        The details screen describes the application and contains buttons for downloading
        the application and performing other tasks.

      Download and install an application

      When you find an application you want, you can install it on your phone.

      1. Find an application you want and open its details screen.
        In the application’s details screen, you can read more about the application
        including its cost, and overall rating.
        Touch the ABOUT tab for a description of the application from the developer; scroll down to the ABOUT THE DEVELOPER section to view more applications by this developer, visit the developer’s web site, or send the developer an email message.
        Touch the COMMENTS tab to read comments by users.
        Touch the RELATED tab to view a list of similar applications.
      2. Press Menu and touch SECURITY to preview the functions and data the
        application can access on your phone if you install it.
        If you’re not comfortable with the access the application requires, don’t continue.
      3. Touch INSTALL (for free applications) or BUY (for paid applications).
        Paid applications are not offered in all areas by all carriers.
        If the application requires access to your data or control of any functions on your
        phone, you are asked to review and grant permission before downloading.
        Warning! Read this screen carefully. Be especially cautious with applications that have access to many functions or to a significant amount of your data. Once you touch OK on this screen, you are responsible for the results of using this application on your phone.
      4. If you agree to the application’s permissions requirements, touch OK.
        If you selected a paid application, you’re redirected to a screen to pay for the
        application before it’s downloaded to your phone.
        If you selected a free application (or after touching BUY NOW), you receive a series of notifications as the application is downloaded and then installed on your phone.
        When the application is installed, you can touch the notification to open the
        application, or open it by touching its icon in the Launcher.
        You typically have a short while to try out an application and, if you decide you
        don’t want it, to uninstall it for a refund.If you have another Android phone, you can download a paid application to that phone using the same Android Market account, at no additional charge.

      Create a Google Checkout account

      You can pay for the items you purchase from Android Market with a Google Checkout

      • In a web browser, go to http://checkout.google.com to establish a Google Checkout account.
      • The first time you use your phone to buy an item from Android Market, when you’re prompted to enter your billing information, you can set up a Google Checkout account.

      Warning! When you’ve used Google Checkout once to purchase an application from Android Market, the phone remembers your password, so you don’t need to enter it the next time. For this reason, you should secure your phone to prevent others from using it
      without your permission.

      Uninstall an application

      • You can uninstall applications you downloaded from Market using Market. You can
        also uninstall applications you downloaded from Market and from other locations in the Settings application’s Manage Applications screen.
      1. On the Android Market home screen, press Menu and touch DOWNLOADS.
      2. Touch the application to uninstall.
        The details screen for the application opens.
      3. Touch UNINSTALL.
      4. Touch OK in the confirmation dialog.
      5. Touch the explanation that best matches why you’re uninstalling and touch OK.
        The application is uninstalled. You can install the application again at any time,
        without charge if it was a paid application.

      Request a refund for an application

      If you are not satisfied with an application, you can typically ask for a refund within a
      short time after your purchase. The actual amount of time you have to request a
      refund is stated in the receipt you received by email, and you can also contact the
      developer as detailed in the application's details screen. Your credit card is not charged and the application is uninstalled from your phone.
      If you change your mind, you can install the application again, but you can’t request a
      refund a second time.

      1. On the Android Market home screen, press Menu and touch Downloads
      2. Touch the application to uninstall for a refund.
        The details screen for the application opens.
      3. Touch UNINSTALL & REFUND.
        Your application is uninstalled and the charge is cancelled.
      4. Touch the explanation that best matches why you’re uninstalling and touch Ok.

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