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    Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi - Applications

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    • You can find all of your apps in one place. From the home screen, touch Apps

      Want more applications? No problem: To download more apps, from the home screen, touch Apps > Market

      Your tablet can tell you when there’s an updated app or other software. To install the update, just follow the instructions on your screen.

      Android Market applications not optimized for the Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi

      Application developers were only provided with the Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi software shortly before launch, and apps are being optimized for Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi  all the time. Check your market regularly -- new apps that have been certified for the Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi  are being added all the time, and many other apps work fine on Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi .

      While we don't recommend or warranty third-party apps, many owners have reported success using an app called Spare Parts. In some cases -- not all -- Spare Parts can make apps designed for phones fill the Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi screen. If you want to try it, download it from the Market -- it's free -- and open it. Uncheck the Compatibility Mode box and turn your Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi  off and back on again. This will make some apps fit the Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi  screen.

      Google application compatibility

      Most Google Android applications have been designed to be compatible with Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi/Honeycomb,  however, some applications may perform better than others. We expect applications to be optimized for Honeycomb devices throughout the first half of 2011. Also, expect many new Honeycomb applications  to be released this year.

      If you experience issues with the application, you can rate it and post comments for the developer other users to see. Just open Market and touch Downloads. Touch the installed app, then touch a star to rate it. Once you rate it, touch Post a comment to add yours.

      Browse & install apps

      Get all the fun games and cool apps you want! Android Market™ provides access to applications developed by developers worldwide, so you can find the app you want. If you need help or have questions about Android Market, touch Menu Image > Help or click here to visit the Android market help web site.

      To launch Android market, from the home screen, touch Apps > Market


      Scroll to and touch the app you want to install. Then, touch Download or Buy.

      Recent apps

      Your tablet remembers as many as eight of the apps you used most recently. Touch the recent app icon (see image section A below) to see your recent apps.



      Touch a displayed app to open it.

      Manage & restore apps

      To manage & restore apps, from the home screen, touch Apps > Settings > > Applications > Manage applications

      To uninstall a downloaded app, touch Downloaded, then the app, then Uninstall. To reinstall apps from Android Market, touch Apps from the home screen> Market > My apps. Previously installed apps are listed and available for download.

      There are other methods you can use to uninstall an application on the device.

      From the Application Tray

      1. Touch  Apps  in the upper right corner of the display.
      2. Select the application you which to uninstall, and Touch & Hold  the application icon.
      3. After a few seconds, Uninstall will come up in the top right corner of the display
      4. Drag & Dropthe application to the Uninstall trash can.

      From the Settings Menu

      1. From the home screen, touch APPS in the top right corner of the screen.
      2. Touch Settings.
      3. Touch  Applications.
      4. Touch  Manage Applications.
      5. Scroll and touch the application you which to remove.
      6. Touch Uninstall.

      From the Market

      1. Touch My Apps  in the top right corner of the display from inside the market.
      2. Scroll and touch the application you which to uninstall.
      3. Touch Uninstall.

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