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    Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi - Customize your homescreen

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    • Follow the steps listed below to change the home screen wallpaper.

      To change the wallpaper:

      1. While on the Home screen, touch +
      2. Touch wallpapers  
      • Touch Live wallpapers to use preset richer, animated, interactive backgrounds.    
      • Touch Gallery to use a picture that you have captured using the camera or copied to your phone. When using a Gallery photo, you will be able to crop out the portion of the picture you selected by adjusting the location or size of the box that appears. When complete, touch OK to set gallery image as wallpaper
      • Touch Wallpapers to use the preset wallpapers that came with the device.


      Add Widgets or other customization

      • To add widgets, shortcuts, wallpaper and other customization, touch the plus + symbol in the top right hand corner of the screen and touch Widgets.

        Drag the widget, shortcut, or other item to the home screen panel you want.


      Remove a shortcut or widget from your homescreen

      To remove a shortcut or widget, from the home screen touch and hold the item  you want to remove and once it is highlighted drag it to the trash can in the top right releasing it when it turns red.

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