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    Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi - Deleting files

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    • Delete files using your computer:

      1. Connect your device to a computer using a data cable. (It is recommended to connect directly to the computer, not through a hub). If your device is not being recognized by your computer, you may need to update your computer's USB drivers HERE.

        Note: microSD Card Slot not active. A future software upgrade will enable this device support up to microSD cards up to 32GB.
      2. Use your computer interface to delete files stored on your device.

        Windows PC


        • Open Computer or My Computer

        • Your device should appear
          under Portable Devices (If your device is not being recognized you may need to update your drivers)
           Click here      
        • Select your device and select Device Storage.
        • For photos & videos select
          DCIM > Camera

        • For Music select Music or any other folder which contains music files

        • For any other files you wish to transfer, select the folder which contains the files to move to your computer.
        • Note: You can organize, rename and delete folders from your windows machine while the device is connected

        • Download and install the Android File Transfer app fromwww.android.com/ filetransfer, then connect your Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi using USB. The app will then allow you to
          access and transfer media back and forth.


      Delete files using third party application

      While we do not endorse or guarantee these solutions, or provide support for them, some owners have reported success using a 3rd party Android Application like "Astro file manager".  You can search the Android Market for 3rd party applications that are available that will enable you to view and delete files from your Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi.

      To delete files using Astro,

      1. Launch Astro from the apps menu
      2. Navigate to the file you wish to delete
      3. Long press the file that you want to delete and touch "Edit" from the popup menu
      4. Touch "Delete" from the 2nd popup

      Click here for information on how to uninstall applications.

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