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    Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi - Web/Browser

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    • To launch your browser:

      Tap on the Browser icon on your homescreen.

      Your tablet uses the mobile network (over the air) or a Wi-Fi connection to automatically access the Web.
      Note: Your service provider may charge to surf the Web or download data.

      Note: If you can’t connect to the internet (excluding WiFi connection), contact your service provider to check your service/data plan.


      Zoom & magnify

      In most web-pages,

      • To zoom in on a large page, use two fingers on touchscreen to pinch together.
      • To zoom out, spread two fingers apart on the screen,
      • Some webpages have screens already formatted for mobile phones and will not respond to multi-touch features to zoom in/out.

      Select links

      When you tap a link, your phone outlines it and goes to that page. If you tap and hold the link, your phone
      shows options, like Open, Open in new tab, Save link, Copy link URL or Select text   

      Tabbed browsing
      You can open several web pages in the same window to multiply your web surfing fun. Touch Menu Image> New tab to open a new web page tab. To access a web page, just touch its tab. Touch X on a tab to close the tab.

      Browser options

      Touch Menu Image to see browser options:

       New tab Open a new tab in the same browser window
       New incognito
       Open a new blank tab in the browser window to prevent
      anyone from seeing other tabs.
       Find on pageEnter & search for a term on the displayed web page.
       Share pageShare the page URL via a Bluetooth® connection or
      Gmail™ message.
       Page info View the page URL.
      SettingsView & change browser settings: General, Privacy & Security,
      Advanced, and Labs.

      Quick control

      Swipe thumb from left or right edge to access quick controls.Quick controls allows you to quickly access settings, add new tab, view Bookmarks and History, URL entry, navigate to previous page.

      Quick Controls can be activated from your browser:

      1. From your browser touch settings
      2. Touch Labs
      3. Touch Quick control

      Enable/disable automatic Google sign-in

      To enable/disable automatic Google sign-in, Touch Menu Image to see browser options, touchSettingsPrivacy & Security > automatic Google sign-in. Touch and select the Google account you wish to automatically sign in with or touch Don't sign in automatically.

      Change default settings to view full web sites instead of mobile view

      • In the browser address bar type "about:debug" without quotes.
      • Click the browser's settings button in the upper right.
      • Click settings.
      • Click Debug.
      • Click UAString and select Desktop, then back out to the browser.

      Sites that you visit will now think you are a desktop. Change it back to Android for the normal experience.

      Click here to learn more

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