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    How can I import AVCHD movies to the Mac computer?

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    • Refer to the following:

      • Menu Bar on the PMB > [Help] > [PMB Help]- [PMB Online Help] linked from [PMB Help]
      • PMB Support site: http://support.d-imaging.sony.co.jp/www/disoft/int/pmb/index.Answer

      * PMB is not supported by Mac OS.

      Use the dedicated software for Mac OS such as iMovie.

      You cannot drop and drag the files onto the desktop like photo image files.

      When using iMovie, check the following.

      • iMovie '08 or later version which supports the HD format is necessary.
      • PowerMac G5 does not support the HD format.
      • If both HD and STD format movies are recorded on the camera, HD movies are not recognized. In this case, import STD movies on the camera to the computer, delete the ones on the camera, and connect the camera to the computer again. Then HD movies will be recognized.

      * With iMovie '11(Ver. 9.0.1 or later), HD movies are recognized even if multiple file formats exist on the camera.Refer to the Apple website for the details about system requirements or importing movies to the computer.


      • The AVCHD encoding method of this camera has been changed from the previous models. To import AVCHD movies using iMovie, update Mac OS to the latest version (Ver. 10.6.7 or later).
      • PMB is not supported with Mac OS.

    • View Answer at http://kb.sony-europe.com/SRVS/CGI-BIN/WEBCGI.EXE?St=224,E=0000000000067124086,Key=564,SXI=11,Case=obj(118203),t=SCase,varset=startp:m
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