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    How do I set up Direct Debit by post?

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    • The fastest way to set up Direct Debit is online. Learn how to set up Direct Debit using My Account.

      Why pay with Direct Debit?

      Setting up Direct Debit means less hassle for you, and ensures that we can collect the right amount of money from your bank account on the correct date. We will notify you at least three days in advance of collection and all you have to do is ensure that there are sufficient funds in your bank account to pay the amount.

      • Spend less time every month doing paperwork.
      • Avoid the risk of your phone or broadband being disconnected or your account being suspended due to a delay in payment.
      • It's free -- avoid any unnecessary fees.

      Setting up Direct Debit

      Use these directions to set up Direct Debit by post. Alternatively, learn how to set up Direct Debit using My Account.

      To set up Direct Debit do the following:

      1. Download and print the Direct Debit mandate form.
      2. Fill out the form with your details.
      3. Send the completed form to:
        TalkTalk Telecom
        11 Evesham Street
        W11 4AR

      Note: It takes seven days to process a direct debit form from the day that we receive it. If you are changing banks, or your mandate will not be set up in time, please make an online payment now to allow time to process your Direct Debit form.

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