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    How do I use Three-Way Calling?

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    • Three-Way Calling enables you to speak to two people on separate phone lines at once. This is a charged-for service and must be activated on your line before it can be used. For more information on this and other calling features, including prices, please see: Boosts - Enhance Your Service.

      Using Three-Way Calling

      To use your Three-Way Calling facility, take the following steps:

      1. Pick up your telephone handset, dial the phone number of the first person you want to call, and wait for them to answer.
      2. Press the R or Recall button.
      3. Wait for a dial tone. Then dial the second number and wait for the person to answer.
      4. When the second person answers, press the R or Recall button again.
      5. Press 3 to talk to both parties at the same time, or press 2 to speak to them separately.
      6. To end the call with the first person, press the R or Recall button, wait for a tone and press5.
      7. To end the call with the second person, press the R or Recall button, wait for a tone and press 7.

      Problems using Three-Way Calling

      If your service isn't working correctly, please try the following steps:

      1. Disconnect all telephony equipment that is connected to your phone line, such as phones, fax machines, microfilters, Sky Digital, modems and so on.
      2. Connect a telephone (preferably a corded phone) to your master phone socket and try using the service again.

      If the service works correctly, some of your other telephony equipment may be the cause of the problem. Reconnect your pieces of equipment one-by-one to check which one is causing the problem.

      If the service still doesn't work when only one telephone is connected to your phone line, please call us on 0870 087 8777* so that we can investigate the problem further.

      *This number is free of charge when dialled from your TalkTalk landline.

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