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    I can't make any calls from my TalkTalk phone line

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    • If you are unable to make any outbound calls and you do not have a dial tone, there are some handy tips in our How to get a dial tone video.

      Step 1: Check your connections

      Please follow all of these steps as they do fix almost all issues with making calls:

      • Check if all phones in the house have the same problem and also that none of your phones are off the hook.
      • Unplug all the phones in the house except the one that is connected to the master phone socket. Also unplug any other connections to your phone sockets, such as a Sky box or a broadband router.
      • If possible do not use a wireless phone, but one where the handset is connected with a cable.

      If you are still unable to make calls please carry on with the following steps.

      Step 2: Check if the problem is with the line

      To check where the fault may be, you need to see if you can make a call over a different network. From the same phone, try to dial the same number you are calling, but dial 1280 before the number.* This routes the call over the BT network instead of the TalkTalk network.

      If the call still does not connect, and you pay your line rental to TalkTalk, please contact us so that our engineers can investigate and resolve the problem for you. If you pay your line rental to another company, you will need to contact them.

      If the call did connect when you used the 1280 before the number, but you still can not connect without using that code, please carry on with the final step below.

      Step 3: Check if there is a carrier pre-select problem

      The final test is to try the number again, but this time dialling 1840 before the number you are calling.

      If the call still does not connect, please call Customer Services on 0870 444 1820^ where we will investigate and resolve your problem.

      * If this call connects you may be charged directly from BT for it.

      ^ This call is free of charge if made from a TalkTalk phone line, but may not be from other providers or mobiles.

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