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    I'm having problems with Voicemail/Voicemail Plus

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    • Voicemail doesn't respond to any commands such as delete or save.

      Ensure telephone is set to Tone Dialling

      If the telephone does not have tone dialling or is set to tone dialling and is still not accepting the request, please try using another telephone.

      There is an stuttered dial tone, but no messages

      If you have access to a mobile or to another line, dial your own phone number and leave a test message. Then check 1571 and delete the test message. This usually removes the stuttered dial tone. If the problem continues, please contact our Faults Department.

      Messages are received late

      Contact our Faults Department on the number below as there may be a fault with your local telephone exchange.

      Call Minder cuts in straight away

      If you have access to a mobile or another line, make a test call to confirm that the problem still exists.

      Dial 1571, select option 2, then option 3 to check if the number of rings is at 0. If this is the case change the number of rings to a suitable amount.

      Disconnect all your equipment from the main phone socket and try another phone as your equipment may be faulty.

      If everything appears OK but Call Minder is still answering without the phone ringing please contact our Faults Department on the number below.

      Unable to change the Call Minder PIN

      Your PIN needs to be four digits and you cannot use the same four numbers or consecutive numbers, e.g., 1111, 1234.

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