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    My Caller Display isn't working. What should I do?

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    • With Caller Display, you can see the number that's calling you before you pick up the phone. If you're having problems with your Caller Display, please work through the following steps:

      Check if caller is withholding their number

      If the caller has decided to withhold their number, it will not be displayed on your telephone. Try calling your landline from your mobile phone, or another number that you know is not withheld and check if the number is displayed. If the number is displayed, then your Caller Display is working correctly and the other caller may have withheld their number.

      Check if the caller display unit on your phone is working

      If you have a second phone that also has a caller display unit, try using this phone to check if the Caller Display is working. If it works on that telephone then there may be a problem with the first phone.

      Check if any other equipment on your phone line is faulty

      If you have other telephony equipment attached to your phone line that is not working correctly, this may affect the Caller Display service. To check for faulty equipment, take the following steps:

      1. Disconnect all telephony equipment from your phone line, for example phones, fax machines, microfilters, Sky digital, modems and so on.
      2. Call your landline number from a mobile phone and check if the number is displayed on your caller display unit.
      3. If the number is displayed, then some of your other equipment might be the cause of the problem. Reconnect your equipment one-by-one and check your Caller Display after each one is reconnected. If the Caller Display stops working at any point, then the last item you plugged in may be the source of the problem.

      If you still have problems after trying these steps, please make a note of the make and model of your phone or call display unit and call us on 0870 087 8777*.

      * This number is free of charge when dialled from your TalkTalk landline.

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