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  • Stereoscopic 3D frequently asked questions

    • Understand the basics of this exciting new way to experience games on your PS3.

      How does the 3D technology work?
      3D relies on the fact that you are seeing two slightly different images at the same time, the difference between these giving you the perception of depth. For 3D, the TV uses a high refresh rate to display alternate full screen images for the left and right eye. These are then synchronised to the 3D glasses to give a good 3D experience. Visit to find out more.

      How can I check that 3D will work for me?
      If you have any concerns about whether 3D will work for you, visit your local Sony centre and try it out. Go to to find your nearest Sony centre.

      What do I need to play 3D game content using my PlayStation 3?
      In order to play 3D games on your PS3, you will need the following:

      • A TV capable of displaying 3D images, such as a BRAVIA® 3D TV from Sony.
      • Active Shutter Glasses for Sony brand TVs or polarised glasses for other brands which sync with the TV you've got.
      • 3D game content available on your PS3.
      • PS3 system software update 3.30 or later installed.

      You also need to make sure you are using the correct cable to connect the TV to the PS3 system and this is most likely to be an HDMI cable.

      Where can I obtain 3D games from to play on my PS3?
      Visit PlayStation Store now to download the 3D Collection game pack, which features 3D versions of Super Stardust HDPainWipEout HD and a demo for MotorStorm Pacific Rift, all playable in amazing 3D. Look out for more 3D games for PS3 available from all good retailers where you see this logo.

      Can I play 3D content on my PS3 using a 3D computer monitor rather than a TV?
      No, a 3D TV and appropriate glasses are required to play 3D content on PlayStation 3.

      Why do I require glasses to enjoy 3D content on my PS3?
      For TV and gaming you need a wide viewing angle and this is not currently possible without glasses.

      Adding the 3D glasses on top of standard glasses isn't very good; would it be one day possible to combine them?
      We are constantly looking into the design of 3D glasses to make them slimmer, lighter and more comfortable for all users.

      I already have 3D glasses from the cinema; can I use these with a 3D TV?
      These will not work with Sony TVs. However, they may be compatible with TVs by other manufacturers.

      Can I play 3D games even if I don't have a 3D TV?
      Yes, 3D games will play on a 3D or non-3D TV as long as you select the correct setting from the in-game options. In this case, the games will not be viewable in 3D, and will play as standard games instead.

      Do I have to be exactly in front of the TV to view 3D or can I be a little bit on the side?
      With 3D active glasses, you can be off centre as there is about a 120 degree range and the glasses will work up to 10 metres away from the screen. Polarised lenses, such as the ones used in cinemas, are less flexible and so the further to the side you move from the TV screen, the less 3D effect you will see.

      When will it be possible to play 3D Blu-ray Disc movies on PlayStation 3?
      The PS3 system software will be updated later in 2010 to support playback of 3D movies on PS3.

      Where can I find out more about 3D TV technology and how it works?
      Visit to discover the 3D world created by Sony.

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  • Use the Video Editor & Uploader

    • Edit video content that is saved on your PlayStation 3 system's hard disk and upload it to a network service (Facebook or YouTube™).


      • Video that was saved on your system's hard disk before updating the system software to version 3.40, copyright-protected video and content set with parental control restrictions cannot be edited or uploaded to a network service.

      Editing and uploading video content

      1. Select Video > [Video Editor & Uploader].
      When using [Video Editor & Uploader] for the first time, you must download and install software. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the operation.
      2. Select [Create New Video].
      3. Select [Add], and then select the content to be edited.
      The video content is added to the list of content items for editing. When the content is added, select [Continue].
      4. Edit the video.
      Using [Edit], you can remove specific scenes, add text or characters. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the operation. You can preview the edited video by selecting [Play].
      5. Select [Finish].
      You can save the edited video content on your system's hard disk or upload it to a network service. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the operation.

      • By selecting [Add] in step 3, you can continue to add content items and combine them into one video file.

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  • Create a multimedia movie

    • Find out how you can create a multimedia movie with EyeCreate.

      On the [Edit] menu, captured clips can be transferred onto a storyboard and arranged into a slideshow. Video clips can be reviewed and arranged to create a longer movie by transferring a captured clip at the top of the screen on the review bar to the storyboard. With the clapperboard highlighted, each clip can be moved between other clips on the storyboard. If you add a sound recording to an existing storyboard sequence, it will become part of the soundtrack.

      Each clip can be manipulated individually with the [Manipulate Clips] menu:

      [Split Clip]: Splits the movie into two clips at the marked position.

      [Reverse Clip]: Reverses the clip to play from end to beginning.

      [Clip volume]: Sets the volume for the individual clip.

      [Soundtrack volume]: Sets the volume for the whole soundtrack.

      When satisfied, press the X button to join up your storyboard sequence into one complete movie clip. The new video will appear on the far right of the review bar - and also on the far right of the review bar within Capture Mode, where you can view your new clip at full size.  


      • The white icons in the [Edit] menu at the top of the screen will tell you what type of media each clip is: a clapperboard is video, a camera is a still and a microphone is a sound clip.
      • When reviewing or playing your movie, pressing R3 will also stop and start it. You can control the speed of replay by incremental movements on the right stick of the SIXAXIS Wireless Controller.

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  • Use the advanced modes

  • Export your creation

    • Find out how to export the media you have created to your PS3.

      You can export movie clips and photos from EyeCreate to your PlayStation 3 media folders at any time by selecting [Export This Clip]. The relevant file can then be copied into the Video or Photo folder on the Home Menu.


      • Movie clips are exported into an MPEG-4 format, which can be renamed and transferred to another PlayStation 3 using an external USB device.
      • Photo files are exported into a JPG format. These and any exported audio files can be renamed and transferred to another PlayStation 3 or compatible device using an external USB device or compatible memory card, if you own a PSP you can connect it to your PlayStation 3 using a Memory Stick Duo, a USB connection or the Remote Play feature, which lets you share audio and JPG photo files between the two devices using their in-built Wireless features, or remotely over the Internet via an access point.

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  • Add special effects

    • Find out how you can add special effects to your media with EyeCreate.

      Go to the media capture screen and then select the [Effects] tab to view special effects and options.

      [Colour Filters]: Change the colour filter tone on your clip to Red, Green, Blue, X-Ray, Black and White, Negative or Sepia.  

      [Distortion]: Distort your clip using Stretch, Pinch, Bloat, Ripple, Pattern, Sculpt, Polarise, Disturb, Twist, 3D or Reflect.

      [Art Filters]: Apply a filter to your clip in the style of Pop Art, Graphic, Edge Detect, Sketch, Toon, Posterise, Screen Print or Surface.

      [Trails]: Add Glow, Action, Neon or Ghost trails to your clip.


      • One effect can be selected in each sub-menu to add multiple effects to your clip.

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  • Capture media

    • Find out how you can capture audio, video and audio with EyeCreate.

      On the Capture menu, select the [Capture] icon. From there you can choose to take a photo, begin capturing a movie or start a sound recording. All captured clips will be displayed at the bottom of the screen on a review bar. You can scroll through captured media and play a recorded clip. Push the right stick to the left and a clip will rewind; push the right stick to the right and it will fast forward.

      Each clip can be deleted from this menu or altered with the [Effects & Options] tab.


      • EyeCreate saves data automatically while recording and editing clips. Do not switch off the power when the HDD access indicator is flashing.

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  • File formats that can be played or viewed

    • Find out which video file formats can be played or viewed on PS3.

      File formats that can be played or viewed on this system include ATRAC™, MP3, AAC, JPEG and MPEG-4.

      The following types of files can be played under  Video:

      Memory Stick Video Format

      • MPEG-4 SP (AAC LC)
      • H.264/MPEG-4 AVC High Profile (AAC LC)
      • MPEG-2 TS(H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, AAC LC)

      MP4 file format

      • H.264/MPEG-4 AVC High Profile (AAC LC)

      MPEG-1 (MPEG Audio Layer 2) 
      MPEG-2 PS (MPEG2 Audio Layer 2, AAC LC, AC3(Dolby Digital), LPCM
      MPEG-2 TS(MPEG2 Audio Layer 2, AC3(Dolby Digital), AAC LC) 
      MPEG-2 TS(H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, AAC LC) 

      • Motion JPEG (Linear PCM)
      • Motion JPEG (μ-Law)

      AVCHD (.m2ts / .mts) 

      • VC-1(WMA Standard V2)

      For the latest information, refer to the online user's guide


      • Only files that are playable or viewable on the PS3 system are displayed in the column for the compatible category (Example: Image data is displayed under Photo).
      • Depending on the storage media, only a subset of the folders on the media may be displayed. If you select [Display All] from the options menu, all folders saved on the media will be displayed.
      • You should where possible make periodic back-ups of data stored on the hard disk drive as a precaution against possible loss or corruption. If for any reason software or data loss or corruption occurs, it is not possible to restore or repair the software or data. Note that SCEE will not be liable for any loss or corruption of data, files or software.

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  • Play content on USB devices

    • Find out how to play video content from USB devices connected to your PS3.

      You can connect external devices, such as devices that are compatible with USB Mass Storage Class, using a USB cable. Devices can be connected while the system is turned on. Refer also to the instructions supplied with the device.

      1. Connect the USB device.

      An icon is displayed on the screen.

      1. External device such as a digital camera

      2. Select the icon, and then press the X button.

      A list of playable content is displayed.


      • Do not remove USB devices or turn off the system while data is being saved, loaded or deleted. Doing so may cause data loss or corruption.
      • When using a USB flash drive with a write-protect switch, do not operate the switch when the device is connected to the system. Doing so may cause data loss or corruption.

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  • Playing content on disc

    • Find out how to view or listen to content on Blu-ray Disc, DVD and CD.

      1 Insert the disc

      1. Insert the disc with the label side facing up.

      2. The eject indicator turns solid blue when the disc is inserted.

      2. An icon is displayed in the XMB™ menu, and playback of the disc begins.

      If the disc does not automatically start, select the icon for the disc from the XMB™ menu, and then press the X button.

      Ejecting a disc

      1. Eject button.

      Stop playback, and then press the eject button.


      • Do not insert multiple discs or foreign objects into the disc slot, because this may cause the system to malfunction.
      • Discs that are not compatible with the system cannot be played.
      • To play commercially available BD video software, in some cases the encryption key* may need to be renewed. The encryption key can be renewed when the system software is updated.
      • Images may vary depending on the model or the software version in use.

      * AACS (Advanced Access Control System) key

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