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    How do I activate my Pay & Go iPhone?

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      • Put the iPhone sim card into your iPhone.
      • Connect your iPhone to a USB port on your computer (but not on the keyboard) using the dock and cable in the box. iTunes will open automatically
      • iTunes will guide you through activating and syncing things like contacts, calendars, music, photos, podcasts, videos, email accounts, and web bookmarks.
      • Download the latest iPhone software if there's an update available
      • Top up £10 or more


      You'll need to change the APN settings to Pay & Go to get things like internet and picture messaging (MMS) to work.

      Click here for a step-by-step guide of how to change your settings or follow the below steps:


      • Go to the settings menu and choose General
      • Choose Network, then Cellular Data Network
      • In the Cellular Data APN box, change idata.o2.co.uk to payandgo.o2.co.uk – you don't need to change the username and password
      • In the MMS APN box, change idata.o2.co.uk to payandgo.o2.co.uk – again, don't change the username or password
      • Ignore the Visual Voicemail APN box – it's not available on Pay & Go
      • Turn your iPhone off and on again
      • Text keyword "MMS" to 1010 for free. We'll set up picture messaging and let you know when it's done.
      • If you've got a 2G iPhone, you won't be able to send picture messages. But we'll send you a text message with a link so you can view them.

      Check out our OGuru TV video below:

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