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    How to connect an iPhone to a TV

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    • Here's how to connect your iPhone 4 to your TV so you can watch your HD videos on it:

      You'll need an HDMI adapter which you can buy from Apple and a normal HDMI cable.

      1. Plug the HDMI Adapter into your phone
      2. Then plug the HDMI cable into the adapter
      3. Then plug the HDMI cable into your television
      4. You'll need to change the input on your TV to HDMI - how you do this will depend on your TV
      5. Then select iPod
      6. Videos
      7. Then select the video you want to watch

      The phone won't display the video, but it will show on the TV

      Check out our OGuru TV video below:

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      How to connect an iPhone 4 to a TV

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