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    What do the descriptions mean on my itemised bill?

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    • To make it easier to read your bill, we replaced some of the numbers you dialled with the name of the service. Here's a list of the numbers and their service names.

      Number dialledService
      1200            TrafficLine
      1710CallAlert setup
      1750Voicemail setup
      1760Voicemail – cancellation
      2211O2 Treats
      2244GroupChat sign-up
      2255Conferencing sign-up
      2266My Europe sign-up
      2402The O2 (tickets)
      322Group Conference
      323Group Chat
      402O2 customer service team
      6235O2 Music
      202O2 customer service team
      7802000332Text message centre
      447713000000        Internet on your phone abroad
      447802000000        Voicemail abroad

      These numbers won't show as the service name in the 'Recent charges' part of your online account.

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