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    New to Orange?

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    • Here's some information that may be useful if you've just joined us:


      your first bill


      Your first bill from us may be a little higher than you'd anticipated. That's because you're paying next month's line rental in advance. You're also paying pro-rata from the day you were connected; and that's a one-off charge.

      For example, if you joined Orange on 1 February and your first bill is generated on 5 February you'll be charged for one months standard line rental from 5 February to 4 March along with the line rental incurred during the days before your first bill was generated (i.e. 1 February to 4 February).

      Your first bill will include:


      • 1 Months advanced line rental and bundle charges (if any) to cover the following month.

      • Any pro-rata or part month line rental and bundle charges from date of connection to the first bill date.

      • Any charges incurred during the pro-rata period, for example out of bundle calls, texts or data.



      monitor your usage

      Call 150, select option 1, then 1 again to find out how many minutes and texts you have until your next billing date.



      setting up your direct debit

      Direct Debit is the easiest and most convenient way to pay your bill and you'll save £3.50 a month too, a massive saving of £42.00 a year (inc VAT), which makes setting one up a good idea.


      For information on how to set up a Direct Debit click here.   



      keep your old number


      If you haven't already done so, remember you can keep your number no matter where you're moving from. All you need to do is get a PAC code from your previous provider and contact us on 0870 870 8888.


      If you're an existing Orange customer moving from Pay as you go and would like to keep your number, call0800 079 0200.



      Your Account

      Take control with secure 24/7 access. View your bill online, check how many minutes, texts and data you've got left each month. Plus update your details, make payments and even change your service plan if you want. No paperwork, no calls, no fuss. Register now with Your Account to take advantage of these great features.


      self service in the palm of your hand

      With the handy Your Orange app, you can get tips on using your Apple or Android device and manage your account, whenever and wherever you are. Get it today and you can view your account balance and current month's spend, track your data usage, view and manage your Magic Numbers and browse Orange Help articles. 

      To get the App up and running, first register with Your Account online. Once you've signed up, simply download the free app from the Apple App Store or Android Marketplace.

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