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    first time set up for the Blackberry Torch 9800

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      Before you switch on your phone you must insert the SIM card and battery. This can be done by following these steps:

      1. remove the back cover

      1. Insert the SIM card

      Note: If you have been supplied with a Micro SIM you must use the adapter as shown below.

      1. Insert the battery

      1. Replace the back cover

      first use

      When you first switch on your new phone you will be prompted to set a number of options to configure your BlackBerry®.

      1. click OK to confirm you are happy with the BlackBerry® terms

      2. you can then watch two videos showing you how to interact with the touchscreen. Once finished you’ll then be prompted to select a feature that you’d like to setup or customise.

      3. we recommend that you exit the setup wizard at this point by clicking the red call end key. You can return to the Setup Wizard at anytime by tapping the setup  icon. The next step is to switch on the mobile network connection to do this follow the instructions below.

      4. on the homescreen tap the time bar.

      5. tap Mobile Network

      6. a signal indicator will now appear in the top right hand corner of the screen to show that the mobile connection is now active.

      7. tap the return arrow key to exit. Within the next hour the phone’s time and date will automatically be updated.

      navigating the Torch

      Here are some basic instructions for navigating around the Torch.

      opening the application tray

      1. tap the Menu key 

      2. tap open tray

      3. you can now navigate around the tray using either the keypad or by dragging across the touchscreen.

      closing the application tray

      1. tap the Menu key 

      2. tap close tray

      NB. You can also open and close the application tray by dragging the bar at the top of the tray on the touchscreen

      making your first call

      dialing a number

      1. press the green call key

      2. type the number you wish to dial in using either the on screen keypad or the slide out keyboard

      3. to dial the number press the green call key

      4. to hang up press the red call key

      dialing a contact

      1. open the applications tray

      2. tap the Contacts icon

      3. scroll to the contact you wish to dial, tap to open the contact

      4. press the green call key to dial

      5. to hang up press the red call key

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