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    getting started with BlackBerry Messenger on your BlackBerry Torch 9800

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    • Here are a few of the basic functions of BlackBerry® Messenger:

      getting started – first use

      1. open the applications tray

      2. tap the messenger icon 

      3. enter a display name, this is the name that will be shown to people you are messaging.

      4. you now need to create a contact entry that represents you. Tap OK. You can either tap an existing contact entry for yourself or tap New Contact to create one.

      5. enter your personal details, as required then press the Menu Key , and tap Save, press the arrow key to return to the messenger screen. You are now ready to invite a contact

      how to invite a contact

      You must invite contacts in order to use BlackBerry® Messenger

      1. in BlackBerry Messenger, tap Invite Contact.

      2. tap Invite by sending PIN or email message

      3. enter the PIN of the contact’s BlackBerry you wish to add, make sure you select PIN once entered. You can also send an invite via email if you have the contact’s email address, but you need to have already setup an email account on your phone to do this.

      4. the contact will now appear in your pending list until approved on the other Blackberry. Once authorized you will be able to send messages to the new contact.

      how to start a conversation

      1. in BlackBerry® Messenger, on the contact list screen, tap a contact.

      2. type a message.

      3. press the enter key.

      how to end a conversation

      1. in BlackBerry® Messenger, during a conversation, press the Menu Key .

      2. tap End Chat

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