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    how do I edit using cut, copy & paste on my iPhone?

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    • An onscreen magnifying glass helps you position the insertion point for typing and editing text. You can select text to cut, copy, and paste.


      Position the insertion point:

      Touch and hold to bring up the magnifying glass, then drag to position the insertion point.

      Select text:

      Tap the insertion point to display the selection buttons. Tap Select to select the adjacent word or tapSelect All to select all text. When you're typing, you can also double-tap to select a word. In read-only documents, such as webpages, or email or text messages you've received, touch and hold to select a word.


      Drag the grab points to select more or less text.


      Cut or copy text:

      Select text, then tap Cut or Copy.


      Paste text:

      Tap the insertion point and tap Paste. The last text that you cut or copied is inserted. Or, select text and tap Paste to replace the text.


      Undo the last edit:

      Shake iPhone and tap Undo.

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