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    how do I request a copy bill?

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    • Before requesting a copy bill you need to be aware:

      • That we can only provide copy bills:

        • If the original invoice is under 18 months old. If the original bill is over 18 months old but less than 24 months old we may be able to provide a copy bill, however we can not guarantee that the bill will still be available due to archiving. If the original bill is over 24 months old then we will send you a statement of account instead.

        • If the original invoice was less than 250 pages, if it had over 250 pages then we can either send you a statement of account or a non itemised bill, you won’t be able to have an itemised copy bill.

      • If you are requesting a copy bill by calling customer services then you will be charged £3.06 per copy bill requested.

      There are three ways that you can get a copy bill:


      • Online at Your Account, once you’ve logged in click on ‘view your bills’ then select the bill you want a copy of, either as an e-bill or by clicking on ‘download PDF’, and then you’ll be able to print the bill. You can view the last 24 months bills on Your Account.

      • By calling 150 from your handset and following the voice prompts. If you request a copy bill this way, by using the automated service,:

        • You can request any combination of your last three bills.

        • You can not request a copy of a bill that’s only been produced in the last two weeks.

        • The copies will be sent to the billing address that we have on record for you.

        • If the bill you want a copy of is over three months old then you will need to speak to a customer services agent.

        • You can only request copy bills relating to the handset you are calling from.

        Once you have requested your copies a text message will be sent to your handset confirming that your request is being processed.

      • By calling 150 from your handset or 07973 100 150 from a landline and speaking to a Customer Services agent (call charges may vary).

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