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    transferring contacts to iPhone

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    • Transferring your contacts to your new phone can be done in a number of ways, which ever you prefer. Details and step by step guides can be found below:


      For non iPhone users please see transfer your contacts.


      Important: It's recommended that the transfer contacts process is completed after you have received your Wi-Fi SMS. This message provides you with your login and password to access BT Openzone Wi-Fi access hotspots around the UK , providing you high speed internet access. This will be sent to you on the day of connection, following your SIM updatesThe instructions on this message should be followed to set up. Should you experience issues receiving this SMS, please see what do I do if I've lost my iPhone Wi-Fi password? for instructions on how to request a new password.


      If your old device is an iPhone we recommend copying your contacts from your iTunes account. It's advisable to check your contacts are up to date before activating your new phone.


      If you're planning to recycle your old phone, you must ensure that you have saved and copied your contacts whilst in store. Copying from your old SIM card is not possible with the new iPhone 4 due to it using a different SIM size.



      syncing contacts with your iTunes account


      Please note: Before syncing any contacts you need to make sure that you have at least one contact on both handset and relevant address book (outlook, Google, Yahoo etc).

      1. Connect iPhone to your computer, and open iTunes (if it doesn't open automatically).

      2. In iTunes, select iPhone in the left Sidebar (under Devices) to bring up the Syncing options tabs across the top of the iTunes window.





      1. Click the Info tab at the top of the iTunes window.



      1. Tick Sync Contacts then do one of the following:

        • If you're using a Mac, select Sync Address Book contacts.

        • If you're using a PC, select Sync contacts with and then choose Google Address Book, Yahoo! Address Book, Windows Address Book, or Outlook from the drop-down menu.





        Select All contacts, or select Selected groups and select the groups you want to sync.


      2. Click Apply at the bottom left of the iTunes window to perform a sync. Please read any pop-ups carefully to ensure iTunes is syncing correctly and to avoid any loss of information on the first sync.


      copying from your old phone


      Detailed instructions by handset type can be found on www.orange.co.uk,  select help and support then copying contacts.


      Copying to handset:

      • Copy all of your contacts to your handset - please refer to your handset menu or handbook.

      • Pop out the new micro SIM, being careful not to damage it.

      • Insert the micro SIM into the SIM adaptor, the micro SIM and adaptor are shaped to ensure it fits correctly.

      • Insert the SIM adaptor with micro SIM into your old device.

      • Copy all of your contacts from the handset the new SIM memory.

      • Remove the SIM and place into the new iPhone.

      • Sync contacts on iTunes so they are backed up for future use.











      copy and keep service in Orange Retail


      Orange Retail can provide a 'copy and keep' service which transfers your contacts, texts, photos, music downloads and videos (only media which is copyright free will be transferred) from phone to phone, even if these are from be different manufacturers. All for just £6

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