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    Download while performing other operations

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    • Background downloading of data is now supported.

      You can perform other operations while downloading a large data item or multiple data items. You can only use this option when [Perform in Background] is displayed on the screen that appears during downloading.


      • While data is being downloaded, [Download Management] will be displayed under [Network].
      • You may not be able to perform background download depending on the content or number of data items being downloaded.
      • Installation may be required to use downloaded data such as game data or video files. Select the icon from the save destination that you specified when downloading, and then install the data or file.
      • If uninstalled data remains on the hard disk, you may not be able to use background download.
      • If the PS3 system is turned off during a background download, the status of the download will be saved. The next time the PS3 system is turned on and connected to the Internet, the download will be restarted automatically.
      • A background download will be temporarily stopped when any of the following operations are performed. The download will be restarted automatically once the operation has completed.
      • When playing a Blu-ray Disc or DVD
      • When using network features of online games *
      • When playing PlayStation®2 format software
      • When starting [Folding@home]
      • When using voice / video chat
      • When updating the system software
      • When adjusting setting items under Settings

      * While a game is in process of ending, background downloading will be stopped temporarily.

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