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    Error codes explained

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    • PlayStation 3 error codes – what do they mean?

      An error code is displayed on-screen if your PS3 system experiences a problem which it can identify. The three most common error codes are:

      80010514 - Issue reading discs
      The system is unable to read an inserted disc. To rectify this problem, you can try:

      • Checking and cleaning the disc.
      • Replacing the disc if it is scratched.
      • Inserting another disc. If the problem persists, you can contact our customer service team for support.

      80710B23 - Can't connect to PlayStation Network

      80710102 - Issue connecting online
      The system is unable to connect to the Internet. This may be caused by inputting the incorrect information when setting up your network connection, or it may be a temporary fault with your connection. For example, if using a Wireless connection, this could be due to a weak signal or, if using a wired connection, due to congestion with your Internet service.

      To find out what some of the other most common error codes mean, visit our Error Code FAQ at uk.playstation.com/ps3errorcodes

      If you cannot find the error code you are looking for within this list, please search our FAQs for further help or contact our customer service department. The details can be found at uk.playstation.com/contact.

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