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    Getting started with VidZone

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    • Learn how to find your favourite artists and create playlists with the free music video application on PS3.

      Once you've downloaded the VidZone application from PlayStation Store, an icon will appear under Music on the PS3 Home Menu (XMB); from then on, selecting this will open VidZone, providing access to a world of free music videos.

      The first thing you will see is the Homepage, where you can use the left and right directional buttons on the Wireless Controller to browse through a selection of preset playlists. These are chosen and updated by VidZone every week and are based on most-viewed videos or certain themes, genres or eras.

      You can select any of these with the X button and it will be added to your Now Playing list, which is like an ongoing playlist, allowing you to queue videos to play easily and quickly. At any time, you can press the SELECT button to enable or disable full-screen mode; the R1 and L1 buttons to skip to the next and previous tracks; the R2 and L2 buttons to fast-forward and rewind; and the START button to pause the current video.


      As long as you aren't in full-screen mode you can perform a search based on the name of the video, the name of the artist or the genre. Use the scrolling text bar to enter your search term and press the X button to check the results. Once you've highlighted the video you're looking for, you can press the Square button to play it now, the X button to add it to Now Playing, or the Triangle button to bring up a list of options, such as adding it to one of your Playlists.

      The Related Videos option in the main menu is useful if you're enjoying the video currently playing and would like to see others by that artist or of a similar style. Simply select Related Videos to scroll through and play them there and then and add them to Now Playing or one of your Playlists.

      Creating Playlists

      VidZone allows you to create as many Playlists as you like, with no limit to how many videos you can add, and it's really easy to do.

      Select Playlists from the main menu, followed by my Playlists; this is where your party soundtracks and chill-out collections will appear, but as you haven't created any yet, select New Playlist to get started.

      First, give it a name and a description, then select Save Playlist to return to the My Playlists menu. From now, you can select any track in the Search menu and add it to any of your saved Playlists using the Triangle button. It's as easy as that!

      Remote Play for PSP

      Whenever you have access to a Wireless Internet connection you can access the entire VidZone service on the move, using Remote Play for PSP.

      First, make sure your PS3 and PSP systems are set up for Remote Play using the relevant guide on eu.playstation.com. Then it's simply a case of selecting VidZone as you would if you were on your PS3 at home; the applications features and controls are also exactly the same.

      Hopefully, with this guide you can start enjoying all of the great music videos and features VidZone has to offer in no time. If you'd like further information on this great application, or a more in-depth explanation of Remote Play for PSP, check out the related articles on eu.playstation.com.

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