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    Initial set up

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    • Find out how to perform initial set-up after turning on your PS3 system.

      1. Turn on the TV, and then switch the video input of the TV to match the input connector used by the PS3 system.

      2. Press the power button.

      1. Power button
      2. Power indicator

      The power indicator turns green and the picture is displayed on the TV screen.

      3. Connect the wireless controller to the system using a USB cable.

      4. Press the PS button on the controller.
      The system will recognise the controller. After it has recognised the controller, the initial set-up screen will be displayed.

      5. Perform initial set-up.

      Follow the on-screen instructions to enter settings for system language, time zone, date and time, and user name.

      The screen for setting up the Internet connection will be displayed. When connecting using an Ethernet cable, basic settings will be selected automatically if you follow the on-screen instructions.

      After the settings have been completed, the XMB Menu will be displayed on the TV screen.


      • When using an HDMI cable to connect the system to the TV, a screen for changing the video output resolution will be displayed during initial set-up. If you select [Yes] on the screen and then press the X button, the optimal output resolution will be selected automatically.
      • Settings entered during initial set-up can be changed under Settings or Users.
      • Images may vary depending on the model or the software version in use.

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