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    Online Storage for Game Saves frequently asked questions

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    • Everything you need to know about backing up your game save data on your PS3 using Online Storage.

      What is Online Storage?
      Online Storage was made available following the release of PS3 system software update 3.60 on 10 March 2011.

      Anyone with a valid current PlayStation Plus membership can use the service to store PS3 format software saved data online. In turn, members can access this data on another PlayStation 3 system, sign in with their PlayStation Network account, download the latest save and continue playing their game.

      What do I need to access Online Storage?
      To use this feature you must have a PlayStation Network account and an active PlayStation Plus membership. You will also need a wired or Wireless Internet connection.

      How much data can I store using Online Storage?
      The maximum available storage capacity for one PlayStation Plus member is 150MB. The maximum number of saved data items that can be stored with one PlayStation Plus membership is 1,000.

      What types of data can I store using Online Storage?
      You can store only PS3 game save data using Online Storage. Saved data that is not for PlayStation 3 format software cannot be stored.

      Can I store copy-protected data using Online Storage?
      If a developer has chosen to use the PlayStation 3 system saved data copy protection on their game saves, PS Plus members will still be able to save them with Online Storage and use them in the same way as other game saves. However, there will be a 24 hour period after saving before they can access the data on any PS3.

      If my PlayStation Plus membership expires, can I still use Online Storage?
      If you stop your PlayStation Plus membership, you will not be able to access Online Storage.

      Are there any restrictions to accessing Online Storage from different countries?

      Can I back up full games using Online Storage?

      Is there a limit to the number of PS3 systems I can access Online Storage from?

      Can I save PSP game data using Online Storage?
      No, this is just for PS3 game save data at this time.

      Can I back up data stored from a memory device connected to my PS3?

      Once backed up, how long will data be stored for?
      Save data will remain for as long as you have a valid PlayStation Plus membership.

      Can I access Online Storage in-game?
      No, accessing the Online Storage is not possible from the in-game XMB (XrossMediaBar) Menu

      Can I set up my PS3 so it automatically backs up data or do I need to do this manually on a game by game basis?
      You will need to do this manually for each game save.

      How can I check how much storage space is left for me to use?
      On the XMB Menu, go to Game > [Saved Data Utility (PS3™)] > [Online Storage] to view how much storage you have remaining.

      Can I buy additional storage space if I use up the full 150MB available for Online Storage?
      This feature is not currently available.

      Are there any PS3 games that do not support Online Storage?
      No, there are currently no PS3 games in the SCEE region that do not support this feature.

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