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    Part Names

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    • Find your way around your PS3 system and your Wireless Controller.

      1. Disc slot
      2. Power button
      3. Eject button
      4. WLAN access indicator
      5. HDD access indicator
      6. USB connectors

      1. LAN connector
      2. HDMI OUT connector
      3. Vent
      4. AC IN connector
      5. AV MULTI OUT connector
      6. DIGITAL OUT (OPTICAL) connector


      • Do not use the system in a closed cabinet or other locations where heat may build up. Doing so may cause the system to overheat and may lead to fire, injury or malfunction.
      • If the system's internal temperature becomes elevated, the power indicator will flash alternately in red and green. In this case, turn off the system and leave it unused for a while. After the system cools down, move it to a location with good ventilation, and then resume use.
      • Do not place the system in an area subject to excessive dust or cigarette smoke. Dust build-up or cigarette smoke residue on the internal components (such as the lens) may cause the system to malfunction.
      • Do not move or change the position of the system while the power indicator is lit solid green or flashing green. The vibration that occurs as a result of moving the system may cause data loss or corruption, or damage to the system.


      1. Port indicators
      2. L2 button
      3. L1 button
      4. Directional buttons
      5. Left stick / L3 button*
      6. SELECT button
      7. USB connector
      8. R2 button
      9. R1 button
      10. Triangle button
      11. Circle button
      12. X button
      13. Square button
      14. Right stick / R3 button*
      15. START button
      16. PS button

      * The L3 and R3 buttons function when the sticks are pressed.

      Note: Images may vary depending on the model in use.

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